Recently Added Videos

Here is a gameplay video of World of Warplanes.

For a full review of this game CLICK HERE.

A detailed review of the AWESOME popular World of Warplanes!

The full game can be downloaded and played completely free of charge.

You can buy some credits if you want to upgrade more quickly, but this is not necessary.



You can see a gameplay video of World of Warplanes HERE.

A quick video showing how to mount the popular GoPro Camera on a Parkzone Radian RC plane.

This had been done with the standard GoPro mounting and some balsa wood sanded to the curvature of the fuselage to provide a flat and stable platform.

This has then been glued to the glider fuselage with 5 minute epoxy.

This video shows a Parkzone Spitfire warbird that has been upgraded with retractable undercarriage.

This adds to the scale appearance when taking off and landing as well as providing more efficient, smoother flight.



Here is a video of the The Dynam Spitfire radio controlled warbird.

This plane is just one of one of many possible alternatives to the ever popular Parkzone Spitfire.